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Connection Letter

Ursula Sabisch, Empress

That German language document you may find here!

To the Thinkers of Our Time

To the Clergy


Luebeck, August 17, 2023

A candlestick has been moved to the wrong place and must be put back in its place.

Dear Gentlemen of Philosophy, Dear Clergy, Dear Readers,

Today my person finally got over herself to think again thoroughly about the difficult content of the Revelation of John.

The best spiritual support for this difficult legacy has been left to us all by Pope Benedict XVI through his book "The Revelation of John", and Archbishop Georg Gaenswein will also be a great assistance in this matter.
So my person would like to point out again that I am not a philosopher or even a scientist, but as Ursula Maria in the second instance I will certainly have something more in common with the woman described in Revelation who fights with the dragon. 

However, this does not only apply to my person, but certainly many women in the world will be affected in further instances.

However, my person actually wanted to find out about one or more of the seven golden candlesticks with their "burning candles" that are placed around the Son of Man, thus encircling our resurrected Jesus.

Quoting from the above-mentioned book by Pope Benedict XVI:
"The golden candlesticks with their lighted candles indicate the Church of all times, in the prayerful attitude of the liturgy: the risen Jesus, the "Son of Man," is in the midst of it, and clothed in the vestments of the High Priest of the Old Testament, he exercises the priestly function of mediator with the Father."

Since with very much symbolism and with the many described rituals the writing of the seer John is embellished, so that the meaning of this listed variety of that time can be interpreted correctly only by experts, as it is clearly the author of the above mentioned book Pope Benedict XVI, therefore the above mentioned book should be made available for everyone in all languages.

Quotes from the above book by Pope Benedict XVI: "Three more symbolic elements follow, showing what the risen Jesus does for his Church. He holds his Church firmly in his right hand. He speaks to Church, with the piercing power of a sharp sword, and shows it the splendor of his divinity.

In the third and final phase of the first part of the Apocalypse (Rev 2-3), the reader recites to the church a seven-fold message in which Jesus speaks in the first person.

Addressed to seven churches located in Asia Minor around Ephesus, Jesus' speech starts from the particular situation of each church and then expands to the churches of each time. Jesus immediately places himself in the midst of the situation of each church, highlights its lights and shadows, and makes an urgent appeal to them, "Turn back" (2:5, 16; 3:19c); "hold fast what you have" (3:11) ; "return to your first works" (2:5); "get serious, then, and turn back" (3:19b) .... End quote."

The number seven occurs very frequently in Revelation. For example, Jesus holds seven stars in one hand and makes his appeal to the seven churches. He repeats seven times his appeal to the churches and to the church leaders or angels, which is, "He who has ears, let him hear what the Spirit of the church says."

The seven golden candlesticks and the mysterious book with the seven seals, which only the Lamb of God can open and interpret correctly, and last but not least the seven plagues that will come upon mankind, have a special significance.

Only the woman described in Revelation later wears a "victory wreath" that is not studded with seven stars but with twelve.

The seven congregations are collectively interpreted as the Church of God or the universal church, but each congregation or community is viewed strictly and directly by God. He praises and rebukes His church and gives a directional admonition to His church.

But if you actually listen or read more closely, you might think he is not just addressing a congregation or community of believers, but he is addressing a responsible person and praising or criticizing that force.

In those days it could have been the head of the community or an angel, but today, in my opinion, it is the incumbent pope, although it will be the last seven popes in each case who can experience an appeal or a direct word or his voice through God.

Thus the one pope always bears the burdens of the last seven predecessors and if only one false "wrong ùn" should have been among the last popes, then "the  devil takes the hindmost" as is well known!

And if the last one of the church comes to the "Peter's chair" or chair of Saint Peter by a special status or special defect of his personality, then the very highest attentiveness and care is required, because the connection to Jesus, God's Son, is a close and direct connection and the predecessors of the incumbent pope will also be in this direct succession of Christ.

This also means that if the Son of God, our Lord God was destroyed, damaged or abused, many of the deceased popes will have to bear heavily after their lived lives, unless one of the popes does not receive a rebuke as reported in Revelation to the church of Philadelphia and is free of guilt, he can probably "take" or hold all the others and everything.

For this reason, one can explain a lot of things that are bothering the general public and it is of course understandable by today's spirit of the times that many living, especially a few clergymen, would like to "slip into" another identity, also that of their predecessors, if this possibility is offered to them, which is more than just diabolical, since the devil has the supremacy over mankind and it will probably be felt by many concerned what will or can follow after the life of the individual!*

In the hope for the correctly found answer of many open questions my person remains and wishes you much success in the matter and on behalf of the Lord and Creator.

With kind regards

Ursula Maria Sabisch


HP: Every individual is seen and considered by God, even if one could very often be of the opposite opinion, but His holy church is certainly especially dear to Him for quite natural reasons!