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The Revelation of John March 27, 2018

Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the “Thinkers” of our Time

of Psychology and Psychiatry


Luebeck, March 27, 2018

Matter and Commission - CC

Free English translation on 30 April 2021. The German-language document you may find here!

Dear Holiness, Dear Clergy, Dear People of Psychology,

Since I have the feeling that I owe something to the Lord and Creator, I am now writing these lines again, which I dared to approach.

Of course, it concerns the Revelation of John and the structure of the chain of saints and thus also the structure of the patron saints for the basic categories and last but not least it concerns the status of the blessed in the Chain-without -End.

Patron saints for professions like for a doctor, for a philosopher, for a pharmacist (medicinal herbs and remedies), for a scientist, for a theologian or a scholar, for a teaching staff, for a religious nurse and so on and so on is needed one person wearing the top.

# ... ……………………………. etc. ……………………………… not suitable for all people, but partly for the mentioned fringe groups or their reference persons!


This above document i. a. has been completely handed over to the health department Luebeck, department of psychological service and to a supervisor of the Hanseatic City of Luebeck, Mr. Har ..., and includes the highly complex progress in the matter, whereby the results are logically miraculous-healings and by the bearers of the "saints" of the Circle of the Saints and more has to be built up through those thinkers, at which every bearer of that Circle has been developed and actually consist of two fringe groups (mentally ill (psychotics and neurotics, etc.), drug and alcohol addicts) - as well as physically and mentally disabled people).**

That document is suitable and intended for the specialists or the special thinkers of our time! There are also bearers of the four great animals (living creatures)* that belong to the Creation according to the Revelation of John.

Note: In order to be able to or want to help others, one first secures one's own fundamental basics (Son of God JESUS) * or family and that is probably also one of the demands of Creation!

HP: There are more neurotics en masse than you can imagine, but there are also more good thinkers of people with psychoses than anybody knows! **

* 07.03.2019 / ** 30.04.2021/ *17.08.2023