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Introduction to Christianity

There exist many precious works of the late Joseph Ratzinger/ Pope Benedict XVI..

Dear Readers, Dear Sirs,

It should be beyond question that the entire theological works of our late Pope Benedict XVI. were intended and written for the great mass of humanity, in order to convey or have conveyed these works to all people in many languages in an understandable way.

As a rule, the claim of the contents of these works is intended for the general public, but often with extremely high background knowledge as well as thought-cycles actually justified and probably especially comprehensible for the elite of theologians.

The used foreign words of the works keep quantitatively within limits, whereby a layman can often recognize by the text what the foreign word or the term of art means.

Otherwise, one should google on the Internet or use the cell phone as a reference book, because it is worth the effort to become knowledgeable, especially to be able to understand the meaning of ones life.

Partly these precious books are to be acquired quite favorably, as for example the book of Benedict XVI "In God is our future"  Impulses for our country (Germany), whereby in the matter and in the commission of the Lord and Creator quite obviously this culture described in the book was fixed as the inheritance for the future of the entire mankind.

The work described at the beginning is not affordable for every purse, but it is affordable for a group or institution, since it was probably the first work of Joseph Ratzinger, who also occupied the chair as a professor of theology as an university lecturer.

The above work is quite obviously for non-Christians a compilation of important basic elements of Christianity, in order to be able to know for sure "first hand" and by researching of the author.

Pope Benedict XVI. was as solid as a rock and he was always present.

Now we are missing Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI..

Luebeck, February 4, 2023.

A good entertainment by reading and the necessary interest, which comes all by itself, partly by the good thoughts and the enormous knowledge of the difficult study of theology, by religion and a faith should be brought near to the people, that wishes you and all others, 

Ursula Sabisch


HP: My person hopes that the documents of my person in the Internet will not be contradictions to the mentioned theological works, although my person sees at least one of the world religions (orthodox and oriental churches) quite differently than Pope Benedict XVI. has classified this religion in his recommendable and beautiful book "In God is our future".


Introduction to Christianity | /German language books

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​order number: 2057816

​ISBN: 9783451341410

Publisher/ Producer: Herder Verlag GmbH

HC/Religion/ Theology/ Christianity, 976 pages, language: German, 221 x 144 x 68mm

Description of the book above

In 1968, Joseph Ratzinger's most famous work, "Introduction to Christianity" was published. With its 23 translations and numerous new editions, it is one of the most influential texts in recent theological history. It opens the volume on the thematic field of baptism, conversion, discipleship and marriage with insights into the discussions of moral theology and the discussion of natural law that has been rekindled since Benedict XVI's visit to Germany in 2011.

The German language document you may find here!